ncbir_logo_ramka_color_0  IMCOP Project
Funded under NCBiR 2nd contest for joint 
Polish-Israeli R&D projects

The project IMCOP – “Intelligent Multimedia System for Web and IPTV Archiving. Digital Analysis and Documentation of Multimedia Content” contributes to the general modern vision of intelligent, interactive exchanging and searching of complex multimedia objects using the Internet.

IMCOPThe main objectives of the IMCOP project are:

  • to develop a complex system for the searching and exchanging multimedia content, intelligent processing of all information and to preserve specific content related to e-learning, business and historical objects
  • to develop the prototype of integrated system supporting access and intelligent searching of multimedia objects using Internet by interactive TV units
  • to develop new type of search engine combining different search of images and video sequence based on watermarking contents and the storage of selected metadata in the form of digital watermarks
  • to develop new techniques for data protection and multimedia content
    protection using developed digital watermarking technology.

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Together with an industrial partner of Israel, the company Orca Interactive, it was agreed that the use cases, functional specifications and the concepts of saving, storing, analyzing and documenting Web content and IPTV, within the IMCOP project, will be correlated with the DEEP system.

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DEEP, by Orca Interactive, a comprehensive new content discovery solution, combines search and recommendation into a single immersive experience, which invites exploration. Using a combination of sophisticated discovery and recommendation technologies and an innovative digital magazine format, it presents consumers with an endless variety of personalized TV and Web content. This modular Orca Interactive solution also creates exciting new kinds of revenue opportunities for content service providers. The automated generation of digital magazines for movies, TV shows, cast members and topics is a key value of DEEP. Orca Interactive recently proved this capability as part of a trial of DEEP with a large broadcast network in the U.S. In the course of this trial, Orca Interactive received around 100 movies and TV shows with basic metadata as part of a certain broadcast channel. Within 24 hours, DEEP had generated a thousand different magazines for TV shows, movies, actors, article topics, and more, all completely automatically. Search and recommendation can be made more valuable by using sources beyond the traditional structured forms of metadata used by providers today. The internet is host to a wealth of unstructured information, which can also be evaluated, all the way from movie reviews and the opinions of other consumers, to information about a movie setting as a tourist destination, to red carpet pictures of public figures and celebrities.
One of the main concepts of DEEP is its ability to optimize the selection and presentation of images so that the magazines will look as good if they were manually edited.

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